Funeral Plans FAQ’s


What is a Prepaid Funeral Plan
Is My Money Safe in a Funeral Plan?
How Much Have Funerals Risen in Price?
Which Company should I choose for my Funeral Plan?

SafeHands Funeral Plans FAQ’s

Who Are SafeHands Plans
What Does A SafeHands Funeral Plan Include?
Can I Choose My Own Funeral Director?
Do Safe Hands Offer Eco Friendly Green Funerals?
Can I Purchase a Funeral Plan For Somebody Else?
Do I Need To Have a Medical?
Is There a Period of Time Before I Can Use The Plan?
I want Something Out of the Ordinary, Can SafeHands Arrange this?
Can I Make Changes To My Funeral Plan In The Future?
Do I Have To Pay For The Plan In Full Immediately?
Can I Change My Mind After I Purchase A SafeHands Funeral Plan?
After I've Paid For My Plan, Will My Family Be Asked For Any More Money?
What Happens If I Die Abroad Or Away From Home?
What Happens If I Die Before I've Paid For The Plan In Full?

Funeral Planning Solutions FAQ’s

How Does A Telephone Appointment Work?
Is There Any Obligation To Purchase?
Can a Home Visit Be Arranged?

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