Funeral Plans FAQ’s


What is a Prepaid Funeral Plan

Paying for your funeral in advance or via payments has several advantages.

  • Peace of mind that your family won’t have to find the funds to pay for the funeral and the stress of dealing with all the arrangements at a time when they are grieving.
  • Financially, it makes a great deal of sense to secure the price of your funeral at today’s prices as the cost of are rising far greater than current inflation and have done so for the past 15 years.
  • Control of how you would like your funeral arrangements carried out.

The peace of mind clients gets when they have finalised their funeral arrangements is remarkable. Those responsible for paying for and arranging a funeral when someone close to them dies often feel an enormous sense of relief when they discover their loved one had the foresight to take out a prepaid funeral plan.

This is why Funeral Planning Solutions advocates that everybody who is able to should take responsibility for their own funeral arrangements and try alleviating the sense of pain and distress that occurs to their loved ones upon their demise. A funeral plan is a must whether it is simply a document expressing your wishes upon your death or a prepaid funeral plan which deals with all the arrangements, payments and carries out your wishes when death occurs. It is essential you do whatever possible to make your wishes clear and minimalise any expenses your family may have.

Is My Money Safe in a Funeral Plan?
All Funeral Planning Companies must ensure that monies are placed in a ring-fenced trust fund that can only be accessed at the time of death. Some companies offer ‘Fixed Monthly Payment’s’ which are insurance-based products covered by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Your money is safe as both Trust Funds and Insurance products are regulated and are covered by the Government’s Compensation Scheme. You should review each company’s trust to get full details but trust funds must have independent trustees, solicitors, and trust managers, all of whom work separately from the Funeral Plan Provider. Your money is safe in all UK funeral plans.

How Much Have Funerals Risen in Price?
According to the Sun Life Cost of Dying Report 2013, the average funeral costs have risen from £1,230 in 1997 to over £3800 today – This is an increase of over 225%. Conservative estimates suggest that by 2020 a funeral will cost, on average, between £5,000 and £6000. Protecting against these rises now will increase your family’s inheritance and the savings you have made will only increase with time. The sooner you take out a funeral plan, the more money you will save you and your family in the long term.
Which Company should I choose for my Funeral Plan?
The nature of funerals is such that the majority of people have very similar types of funerals. This isn’t to say all funerals are the same, quite the opposite, but standard funerals carry very similar costs and make up the overwhelming majority of funerals that take place today. Therefore, most funeral plan providers offer very similar plan types and can be compared like for like. Whilst some industries vary dramatically on service, professionalism, products, and price across the different competitors, this isn’t the same within the funeral industry as most providers use local funeral directors who can be named in the plan as the preferred funeral director. Price and customer service are paramount when choosing a plan provider that is why Funeral Planning Solutions recommend the most competitive funeral plan available in the UK today, SafeHands Funeral Plans.

SafeHands Funeral Plans FAQ’s

Who Are SafeHands Plans
SafeHands Funeral Plans are a well-established, industry leading UK based prepaid funeral plan provider who provide the lowest price fully inclusive funeral plans available today.

They are endorsed by the National Federation of Funeral Directors, a self regulatory industry body who represent local independent funeral directors throughout the UK.

SafeHands provide the best value for money for a higher quality service than most other providers.  They are customer-driven and offer unrivaled service and support.

SafeHands do not operate a sales division and their route to market is via Will Writers, Solicitors, and Financial Advisers.  This allows them to keep their costs lower than their competitors and offer the lowest-priced funeral plans available in the UK today.

Watch their recent TV campaign and read more here…

What Does A SafeHands Funeral Plan Include?
A Safe Hands funeral plan includes everything that is required for a traditional burial or cremation. You can include or request any number of special additions at the time of taking out a plan or at any time thereafter. Funeral Planning Solutions will ensure that you fully understand exactly what is included within your funeral plan and assist you in completing all relevant paperwork before it is paid for.
Can I Choose My Own Funeral Director?
Yes. SafeHands works in partnership with the National Federation of Funeral Directors and its nationwide network of approved, independent funeral directors. Even if the Funeral Director you choose is not a member of the NFFD, provided they are independent, SafeHands Funeral Plans will allocate your funeral plan to that Funeral Director at the point of death.
Do Safe Hands Offer Eco Friendly Green Funerals?
Yes. Safe Hands can arrange an eco-friendly or green funeral at a range of woodland sites across the UK. As these will be bespoke funerals, Funeral Planning Solutions will be able to ensure that all prices are finalised for all aspects of your funeral before your plan is paid for.
Can I Purchase a Funeral Plan For Somebody Else?
Yes. You must make us aware of this at the time of your application and Funeral Planning Solutions will ensure all the relevant information and paperwork is correct before the plan is paid for.
Do I Need To Have a Medical?
No. All SafeHands Funeral Plans can be taken out without any medical.
Is There a Period of Time Before I Can Use The Plan?
No minimum period applies before the plan becomes activated. As soon as the full plan payment is received by SafeHands, the plan can be allocated immediately to a funeral director should death occur.
I want Something Out of the Ordinary, Can SafeHands Arrange this?
All SafeHands funeral plans are tailor-made to each client’s individual wishes but if you have a specific request such as a horse & carriage or other more elaborate requirements, SafeHands can arrange this and give a firm cost which is added to one of their base plans and Funeral Planning Solutions will take off all paperwork.
Can I Make Changes To My Funeral Plan In The Future?
All SafeHands Funeral Plans are tailor-made to each client’s individual wishes but if you have a specific request such as a horse & carriage or other more elaborate requirement, SafeHands can arrange this and give a firm cost which is added to one of their base plans and Funeral Planning Solutions will take off all paperwork.
Do I Have To Pay For The Plan In Full Immediately?
SafeHands offer flexible payment options if you don’t want to pay the full funeral plan amount outright. You can choose to pay from over a 12 month period up to 10 years. A small amount of interest is payable for plans taken out over more than a 12 month period.
Can I Change My Mind After I Purchase A SafeHands Funeral Plan?
If you would like to cancel your funeral plan within 28 days of the date of signing, you will receive a full refund for all monies with no fees payable. After a 28 day period, there is a cancellation fee of £395 which will be deducted from the refund you receive.
After I've Paid For My Plan, Will My Family Be Asked For Any More Money?
No. SafeHands Funeral Plans are Guaranteed and Fully Inclusive and all elements that are detailed within your plan are covered in the original cost. Your loved ones will not be asked for any further contributions at any time.
What Happens If I Die Abroad Or Away From Home?
If you pass away abroad the repatriation is the responsibility of the next of kin. These costs will normally be covered by travel insurance. If you die away from your home, but still in the UK, the funeral director who is allocated your funeral will arrange for the collection and transportation of your remains and will charge for any additional mileage which is allowable within the chosen plan. Usually 20 miles from the residential address.
What Happens If I Die Before I've Paid For The Plan In Full?
The great thing about a SafeHands Plan is that, in situations like this, the only thing you’re next of kin has to do is pay the balance of the plan price, minus any interest, before the funeral takes place. All your individual wishes are still met and the price remains secured at the original cost when the plan was originally taken out. A typical example is of an individual taking out a Pearl Plan at £3,495 over a 10 year period but they pass away after 5 years having paid a total of £2082. The next of kin would simply have to pay only £883 which in total is considerably less than they would have to pay if this person died in 5 years’ time with no funeral plan. This could be as much as £6000 if there was no plan in place.

Funeral Planning Solutions FAQ’s

How Does A Telephone Appointment Work?
You simply tell us a convenient time when you can speak to one of our team for 15-20 minutes, and we will go through all the relevant information and paperwork details and post or email the documents to you for your approval or to complete in your own time. There is No Obligation to purchase a plan and you will receive completely confidential, impartial expert advice at all times. We will never recontact clients unless agreed and ensure your data is destroyed securely after 30 days.
Is There Any Obligation To Purchase?
Absolutely not! We are here to make the process easier and more customer-friendly and never pressure clients in any way. We give impartial information and assess your requirements individually. If we feel your position is not suitable for the funeral plans we offer, we will inform you immediately and advise you of your best course of action.
Can a Home Visit Be Arranged?
Yes. In an effort to keep down costs and pass those savings on our clients, a small fee may be incurred which covers traveling time and expenses. This charge is refundable upon purchase if not used in conjunction with any other sale offers.

If you have any other questions, please contact our team on 0800 1700 345 or ‘Request a Call Back’