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You’ve probably already noticed that when comparing Funeral Plans, they appear very similar, although, there are some differences which are certainly worth considering when taking your best Funeral Plan.

It’s hard to list all the differences when you compare funeral plans between every plan individually but they are all based on three basic provisions for the day of the funeral itself. No Limousines, 1 Limousine, and 2 Limousines which we will call Basic, Intermediate, and Superior for sake of ease, although, each provider calls their individual plan types by brand-specific names.

Compare funeral plans for upgrades

There are other additional upgrades and services which some grade of plans include from one provider and not the other. One is somewhat consequential from the more Funeral Director staff being available from additional limousines such as Pall Bearers, and others would-be included regardless of whether these services were required.

Compare funeral plans for flexibility

You may also notice that some plans at the Basic Grade, do not include Chapel of Rest visitation and others do.  Some include 24-hour visitation at the Superior Grade but the Funeral Director may be more flexible than the plan you have purchased and often, these upgrades are offered or excluded to differentiate between the plan options.

Before choosing a funeral there are some key things to consider, so we have compiled these
5 pre-planning funeral facts

The following providers all offer very similar plans but we will try and specify any differences below.


*Costs correct as of January 2017

Funeral Plans Comparison Chart

Plan ProvidersStandard Plan Intermediate PlanSuperior Plan
Age UK£3,495£3,845£4,245
Perfect Choice£3,555£3,865£4,230
Golden Charter£3,625£3,995£4,540

Who are the Funeral Plan Providers?

Get information about how the funeral plans are administered and sold and the main companies that provide them in the British Isles.  There are many plans out there that sell on a ‘white label’ basis from one of the main providers below but the administration of the plan is dealt with by one of the main providers below and the monies are kept within their secured trust funds.

Drop down the individual Provider to get more information:

CO-OP Funeral Plans
Obviously they are owned by the CO-OP and are only available through the CO-OP (In most cases).  If you choose any CO-OP Funeral Plans you must be allocated to a CO-OP Funeral Director and are tied to the group.  The CO-OP is one of the most competitive Funeral Plans available.

Although they continually seem to receive bad press, they operate a network of Funeral Directors and some are obviously better than others.  The overwhelming majority of Funeral Directors who work for, or on behalf of the CO-OP are extremely professional and give exceptional service.

CO-OP Funeral Plans are not covered within our comparison table as they have specifically asked not to be included.

Find out more about the CO-OP’s Funeral Plans at:

Age UK Funeral Plans
Age UK provide Funeral Plans white labelled from the provider Dignity.  They have a specific agreement with Dignity to resell their Funeral Plans at a slightly reduced rate of approximately £50.

You would be tied to a Dignity Funeral Director and would not be able to choose your own unless of course, the local Dignity Funeral Director is your chosen company.

Find out more about the Age UK’s Funeral Plans at:

Perfect Choice Funeral Plans
Perfect Choice was formed by The National Association of Funeral Directors, a self-regulatory industry body that works with a network of Funeral Directors in the UK.

Plans from Perfect Choice are sold via individual Funeral Directors who are members of the NAFD, although, not exclusively so as they do utilise some other channels of business.

Find out more about the Perfect Choice’s Funeral Plans at:

Dignity Funeral Plans
One of the largest Funeral Groups with Funeral Directors throughout the UK.  Dignity is an excellent company, however, you would be tied to the Dignity Group and they may not have a branch in your vicinity.

If purchased a Dignity Funeral Plan through AGE UK, you would save approximately £50 on the standard Dignity Priced Plan.

Find out more about the Dignity’s Funeral Plans at:

Golden Charter Funeral Plans
Golden Charter was set up by SAIF.  The Society of Allied Independent Funeral Directors, a self-regulatory industry body that works with a network of Funeral Directors throughout the UK.  They have suffered a great deal of bad press recently, although, a lot of this is not deserved they do operate aggressive sales teams via third-party companies.

Golden Charter Plan Prices have not increased over the previous years at the same rate as others and they remain competitive within the UK market.  The bad press they have suffered does not seem to have damaged their reputation and they continue to be a dominant force in this industry.

Find out more about the Golden Charter’s Funeral Plans at:

Avalon Funeral Plans
One of the more expensive Funeral Plan Providers who has had a great deal of bad press over the years, although, they have become much more client-focused in recent times and seem to have garnered an excellent reputation.  They have recently joined the Funeral Planning Authority Ltd, an association that Funeral Plan Providers can join to appear to give more protection to consumers.  Avalon also provides Funeral Plans for various locations in Europe and are one of the market leaders in this field

Avalon Funeral Plans is an expensive provider but they seem to be more acceptable to Funeral Directors over the last few years, and, as they are independent, you would not be tied to any particular group of companies if you choose this provider.

Find out more about Avalon’s Funeral Plans at:

SafeHands Funeral Plans
Safe Hands Funeral Plans was formed by the National Federation of Funeral Directors in an effort to offer the best possible price to the UK Consumer.  There appears to be a great deal of ill-feeling from some of the other providers towards SafeHands and there have been historical cases of false information being posted online.

They are the least expensive provider in the UK and they continue to grow into one of the market leaders.  They operate ‘Allocation upon Death’ plans and you can nominate any independent UK Funeral Director and change this allocation at any time.

Find out more about the SafeHands Funeral Plans at:

Before you proceed with any Funeral Plan, you should inquire what would happen if you relocated to an area where there are no affiliated funeral directors.  Being tied to a funeral director can limit your options so please ensure you have written into your plan an acceptable arrangement about what would happen if you wish to re-specify a different Funeral Director for whatever reason!

There are two types of Funeral Plan from a provider’s perspective, and they are ‘Allocation upon Contract’ and ‘Allocation on Death’.

If you would like to discuss your options, please contact our team on 0800 1700 345 or ‘Request a Brochure’.

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