To secure any Safe Hands Funeral Plan a £250 deposit (minimum) is required. You can then select a number of different payment options. These include interest-FREE options over 12 or 24 months and 36, 60 & 120 months options that are subject to an ‘Instalment Handling Charge’ of 4% annually.

Please note that all monthly payments below have been calculated including the exclusive £100 discount from Funeral Planning Solutions and with the £250 deposit removed.

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The ‘Sapphire’ Funeral Plan is the most popular in the SafeHands range. In addition to Pearl Plan the Sapphire Funeral Plan option includes a limousine to transport your loved ones to the ceremony and 4 pallbearers to transport the coffin from the hearse into the ceremony. This option also includes unlimited use of Safe Hands Plans 24-hour support and advice service, bringing additional peace of mind to those closest to you.

This plan is ideal for those who would prefer their family to be transported to the ceremony, in a traditional limousine following the funeral procession, and is the most popular Funeral Plan we offer.

This plan is comparable with all standard Funeral Plans from the other Funeral Plan Providers.

The plan includes:BROCHURE-BUTTON
  • All Funeral Director’s Fees and Services
    All costs are covered and the funeral director will not ask your family for any additional monies.
  • Provision of the Funeral Service and Arrangements
    The plan covers the cost of the funeral service itself along with all the associated arrangements.
  • A Fully Lined & Fitted Veneered Coffin
    The coffin provided is a veneered, tasteful coffin, fitted and fully lined.
  • A Funeral Hearse and Personnel (4 Pall Bearers) 4 Pall Bearers will be provided by the Funeral Director
  • One Limousine to Transport the Family
    A limousine will be provided to transport the family to the funeral procession.
  • 24 Hour transfer of the deceased to a suitable resting place within the UK (20 Mile Radius)
    The deceased will be relocated from the location of death from within a 20-mile radius of their registered address, to a suitable resting place. If death occurs outside this radius, a small charge may be payable to the funeral director for additional mileage.
  • Care and Preparation of the Deceased
    The deceased will be treated with the utmost respect and prepared and dressed for viewings and the funeral itself.
  • Arranging the Funeral Service (at a local crematorium, churchyard or other)
    The service and all its associated costs are included in the price and will be arranged after consulting your family about the specific details.
  • Funeral Procession from Home/Funeral Home/Church to Crematorium
    The procession will begin, usually, from the residence of the deceased, although, alternative arrangements can be made.
  • Family support and assistance provided by the Funeral Director
    The funeral director will support your family through this distressing time as they would any other client. They will offer assistance where necessary and SafeHands are also there to assist should your family require them.
  • Mutual agreement on time and date of the funeral
    Some funeral plans do not offer this option, and you have to simply fit in the funeral at a time when the funeral director and the crematorium/burial area aren’t busy. SafeHands plans allow your family to choose a date and time that is convenient to them for all Safe Hands Funeral Plans.
  • Provision of advice on all matters relating to the funeral
    SafeHands and the Funeral Director will provide advice and assistance on all matters relating to your funeral before, during and after the event.
  • Visit to the chapel of rest during office hours
    Your loved ones can arrange a viewing during normal office hours at the funeral director’s facilities should they wish to do so.
  • Bereavement assistance via professional organisations
    SafeHands have contacts at all the relevant professional organisations that support families in these difficult times. Assistance will be offered to your family at any time after your death should they require it.

Also included in the plan price is a £1,200* allowance towards:

  • the cremation fee or interment fee if the plan is for burial
  • the doctor’s fee
  • the Minister’s or Celebrant’s fee

This plan is available for £3,795 (including a £1,200 3rd party allowance)

*If when the plan holder passes away, the combined cost of the cremation fee (or interment fee if the plan is burial) doctor’s fee and minister’s fee amounts to a sum greater than £1,200 plus CPI annual uplift, the plan holder’s representatives will be required to pay the shortfall before the funeral takes place.

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