The UK’s Cheapest Funeral Plan

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The UK’s Lowest Priced Plan

Funeral Plans seem to come in all shapes and sizes, but really, they only come in three different flavors regardless of the provider you choose. The best funeral plan is the one that costs the most surely?

Comparing Funeral Plans

The Simple Funeral Plan
These have no limousines and only guarantee to have two staff in attendance from the Funeral Directors on the day of the funeral. The coffin would be placed on a funeral bier (casket trolley) and maneuvered into the service.

They all conform to what we would refer to as a traditional funeral with the procession leaving from the residence of the deceased with family and friends following in their own vehicles.

The Popular Funeral Plan
These all have 1 limousine to follow the hearse which comfortably allows 6 adults. They also have 4 Funeral Director staff available to act as pallbearers should they be required. This is the most popular plan historically, although, the trend seems to suggest people are more accepting of the simpler option in recent times with the popular reason cited ‘a single limousine will not accommodate the entire family and it would cause arguments about who would travel in it!’

When people take out a funeral plan they are thinking of others, maybe this is why this statement is increasingly used?

The Superior Funeral Plan
These plans tend to have additional factors when you review the individual provider’s information but the theme is always 2 limousines, 4 funeral staff, and upgraded coffins. Some have other additions such as extended floral tribute listings and they seemed to be aimed at those with a larger family. This said I have heard on several occasions similar sentiments to those above regarding potential quarrels within families about who will travel in the limousines. They do all allow bespoke elements to be added to them such as horse-drawn carriages etc. but these will be subject to additional costs.

These represent a small proportion of the plans that are taken out in the UK and in my opinion, they do not really represent good value for money from any provider but they nevertheless, have consumers that prefer this option.

Here’s the thing:  When the inevitable does happen, what’s different about the plans when they are allocated to the funeral director?

Not much really!  The first thing the family does is contact the relevant companies bereavement line and inform them of the death and location of the deceased.  Then, the funeral director is instructed to collect the deceased and the funeral takes place just the same as if you had contacted the funeral director after death.

Why do they differ in price so much?

The answer isn’t simple.  Some companies have larger sales teams than others, some have other routes to market which cost less.  The marketing activity obviously has a great deal of bearing on the cost but these are not the only factors.  You would assume the cheapest company pays the least to the funeral director at the time of death but this is not so!  You would think that the most expensive company offers the largest profit to its resellers but again, this is not so.

So why do they all differ in price when you compare all the plan providers?

We can only make assumptions but one thing is clear.  If you buy the same thing for a cheaper price and you get the same product or service, then that is the shrewdest thing to do!

In this case cheaper is better, with the forthcoming price rise almost throughout the industry in April 2015, there has never been a better time to buy a funeral plan.  Review all the funeral plan providers and see who is the least expensive on our compare UK funeral plans page or request a brochure.

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