Low Cost Funeral Planning Makes Sense

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With funeral costs steadily rising, choosing a fixed price, low cost funeral plan is easy to do and makes good financial sense.

The cost of a funeral has risen dramatically over the years and the increase in cost is set to continue, so why not put yourself in control of the situation by choosing a pre-paid, low cost funeral plan? A funeral plan, fixed at todays prices, is an easy way to beat rising funeral costs.

Low cost funeral plans make sense

The cost of a basic funeral, which makes up 46% of the total Cost of Dying (up from 44% in 2016), has risen by 4.7% from £3,897 in 2016 to £4,078 in 2017. This figure is calculated by taking the combined average cost of cremations and burials; the average cost of a burial in 2017 is £4,561, which is almost £1,000 (£965) more than the average cost of a cremation – £3,596. The cost of a burial has risen by 4.7% in the past year and by 116% since SunLife began tracking costs in 2004. The cost of a religious burial is even higher. The average is £4,715 which is more than two and a half times what it cost in 2004.
*Data taken from the Sun Life Cost of Dying report 2017
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At this rate, somebody paying for their funeral in 10 years time could face costs of over £6,700 for an average ‘send-off’.

Take control with a low cost funeral plan

Offering excellent value for money there are many benefits to low cost funeral planning. Funeral Planning Solutions offer 5 low cost funeral plans which all come in well below the average funeral cost of £4,715. Talk to Funeral Planning Solutions and take control – fix the cost of your funeral at todays prices.

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