The NFFD Mission Statement

The National Federation pf Funeral Directors mission is to modernise, develop, enhance, and protect the funeral industry, and to provide consumers with a greater, more informed, choice when faced with the costly and emotional task of arranging a funeral.

Whilst there remains a tradition for some families to stay loyal to a particular firm of funeral directors…today’s economic pressures combined with the ease of the internet when ‘shopping around’ and domination of the industry by the corporate giants, means the modern funeral market is much more transient, price-led, and difficult to attract.

Though many long-established firms of funeral directors continue to thrive, as the older generation and its associated buying traditions and attitudes dwindle, other, more modern methods of securing business will become vital to the ongoing survival of funeral directors in this country.

By using the NFFD’s innovative ‘back-office suite of business tools and services, forward-thinking funeral directors can continue to serve their existing loyal customers, but at the same time secure significant new business and help safeguard the industry by adapting to the buying habits and demands of the modern consumer.The NFFD's Mission to Funeral Directors

About the NFFD

The National Federation of Funeral Directors is a professional, self-regulated, body, committed to increasing consumer choice and cost transparency within the funeral industry; and to the modernisation, development, and ongoing commercial welfare of its funeral director and subsidiary business Members.

For centuries funeral directors have been a respected, dedicated, and much-valued, part of every local community. Prior to the internet and the growth of communities to far beyond old local lines, most small businesses – funeral directors in particular – faced little in the way of direct or aggressive competition.

Frequently, a single firm might have served an entire community, and though the majority of funeral directors were then, as now, fine, upstanding, characters, such a lack of competition meant those who perhaps weren’t so scrupulous didn’t have to worry that over-charging, or under-performing, would result in diminishing business. But those days are well and truly over. As every established operator knows, there is currently a huge influx of new funeral directors coming into the industry, all of whom believe, quite rightly, that it is possible to provide the exact same standard of service (or better) than traditional, established, firms do, but at a fraction of the cost.

Though many long-established firms may still be thriving, as the older generation and its associated buying traditions and attitudes dwindle, funeral directors, if they are to survive and prosper, must be willing to adapt to the habits, demands, and principles, of the modern consumer.

The NFFD differs from other industry trade associations in that our Members, for a mere £25 a month, enjoy unlimited access to a range of bespoke tools, products, and expert practical support to help them secure new and consistent business by adapting their practices to suit today’s unprecedented market forces – forces that, within a decade, will dictate the way 90% of funeral business is won.


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The Fair Price Charter
Promoting funeral cost transparency...
As everyone knows, over the last 20 years, funeral costs have risen far in excess of the rate of inflation. One major contributing factor has of course been the steady and consistent increases in 3rd party fees, which, thankfully, most customers appreciate, are outside of the funeral director’s control. More Information
 The NFFD  - The Consumer Driven Funeral Industry Governing Body
 The NFFD - The Consumer Driven Funeral Industry Governing Body
National Federation of Funeral Director,
The National Federation of Funeral Directors are one of the Self Regulatory Bodies for UK Funeral Directors.