Over 50s Funeral Plans

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Why just Over 50’s Plans?

Many Funeral Plan Providers over various different products these days.  As well as Funeral Plans, they also offer insurance-based products similar to the ones advertised on television, although, these are specifically designed to solely for funeral expenses and cannot be left as a cash gift.  (Although, some monies can be paid back to the family in certain circumstances)

Over 50’s Products

The ‘over 50’s‘ insurance products may have some legitimate reasons for only offering policies solely to this age group but what about funeral plans themselves?  a funeral plan is not an insurance product and when you take out a plan, you are essentially paying your funeral costs in advance by means of placing funds into a ring-fenced trust fund.

Under 50’s Funeral Plans

Some providers don’t seem to offer plans to under the ’50s and others ask you to contact them if you fall into this age bracket.  There are various statements on all providers’ websites relating to their acceptance policies but why don’t all providers offer their plans to under 50’s?


One of the main reasons for providers marketing to over 50’s is because this marketplace is an established segmented industry in itself.  This allows them to market to consumers who already see themselves within that target demographic; therefore, there is a more responsive acceptance of their offers.  Some people believe it is simply a marketing ploy altogether, and there is no real reason why funeral plan providers refuse those younger than 50!  Whether this is the case or not, it does leave a question?

What’s is the reason?

Do the companies who don’t offer under 50’s funeral plans only have faith in their trust funds for say, 50 years or so?  Assuming that by 2065, the amount of 100+ individuals doesn’t rise significantly, how many people will be around after then?  So, as of 2015, do these companies think that offering a 35-year-old a funeral plan, and this 35-year-old living beyond the average age of death, that their trust funds won’t be able to cover the costs of a funeral at that time?

If this is the case, what do they base their assumptions for this on? I have heard many cohesive explanations for insurance products only being suitable for the over 50s but I am yet to hear a cohesive argument for funeral plans following suit.

Whatever your circumstances, if you’re over 18, Funeral Planning Solutions can assist you through the process.  Safeguard against the rising cost of funerals and contact us today.

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