How Do Burial Funeral Plans Work?

Burial Funeral Plans

Burial Funeral Plans

There is one main difference – You need a plot for the burial and this is not covered with any Funeral Plan.

Funeral Plans cover the costs of what is termed as ‘Third Party Fee’s’ or ‘Disbursements’.  These ‘Third-party Fee’s’ cover the cost of interment (burial) or cremation as these fees are very similar (burial costs are slightly higher as a rule) across the UK and usually range from £650 – £850 depending on your location but are as low as £400 for crematorium costs in areas such as Brighton!  Other ‘Third Party Fee’s include the Minister/Celebrants fee to visit the family prior to the funeral and conduct the service itself and the doctor’s fee’s; of which there is a single doctors signature required for burial, but two doctors signatures (and fees of £80 each) if cremation is to take place, therefore, this balances the very slightly average cost for burial over the cremation cost and why there is no difference in the price of Funeral Plans regardless of the wishes you have for your remains.

Burial Funeral Plans work in much the same way as a Cremation Funeral Plan does, with the exception that a burial plot will be required in addition to the Funeral Plan itself.  If you already have a burial plot, there will be no additional costs to the Funeral Plan itself.  If you don’t, then it would be a good idea to investigate your local council’s website to ascertain the costs and availability of burial plots in your area, although, costs are usually around the £700-£900 range.

Burial plots that are available through your local council are usually on the basis that a deceased person is to be interred within the specific period of time (imminently usually) but you can purchase a double or family plot whereby the grave itself is dug to a greater depth and reinforced with blocks.  These often represent good value for money due to the maximum use of the site itself but you may find your family already own one.  If you already have an existing family plot, there would be no additional costs to the Funeral Plan.

The other option is to purchase a plot in a private burial ground.  These range in prices depending on their location but prices are very reasonable throughout the whole country and are similar to the local council costs.

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