How Does A Cremation Funeral Plan Work?

Cremation Funeral Plans

How Do Cremation Funeral Plans Work?

Cremation Funeral Plans are by far the most popular Funeral Plans chosen in the UK.  Cremations account for a large percentage of funerals that take place these days.

This is probably due to the decline of religion in the UK, although, all crematorium services can be held by a religious minister or a non-religious celebrant but the need to hold the service in a church has certainly declined over the last half-century.  The other reason is obviously the additional costs associated with a burial.  A burial plot generally costs approximately £800, although, costs differ dramatically throughout the country, especially with the private burial grounds that are ever more prevalent in the UK these days.  You can pay extremely high prices for burial plots within certain burial grounds in the UK and you should certainly make inquiries if a burial Funeral Plans is your proffered choice.

Additional Costs

The only possible additional cost to Cremation Funeral Plans is the requirement to have a service at a Church or other alternative venue other than the Crematorium itself.  The crematorium fees would not differ (or only slightly) if you weren’t holding the service at that location, therefore, there would be an additional fee to pay of approximately £200-£300 dependent on the chosen venue.

Other costs which aren’t covered within any type of Funeral Plan is provisioned for memorials and such. Different locations offer a great deal of different choices of memorials for fees from approximately £200.  one thing you need to aware of is the duration of the memorial is valid for, the lease time; and who is responsible for the upkeep.  You would need to check with your local graveyard/crematorium to gather prices and establish their individual policies.

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