What Happens At The Time Of Death?

Initiating a Funeral Plan

What Happens at the Time of Death?

This is not really an aspect of our lives we like to think about but unfortunately, it needs to thought through.

With this in mind, we’ll clear up what you should do in preparation and what your family needs to do when the unfortunate time comes, although, hopefully, this should be a long time in the future!

Obviously, we are specifically talking about your funeral arrangements but it goes without saying that you need an up-to-date Will in a place where your executors and other family members know its location.  It’s also a good idea to have an official copy registered and located with a specialist company or solicitors but this is secondary to the most important part of this particular process, and that’s to make sure people know where your Will is located.  Whether it be at the solicitors, registered with Funeral Planning Solutions or locked in a bank vault, more than one person in your family needs to know its location and it is advisable to have a copy in an easily accessible location.

A copy of your Funeral Plan should be kept in the same location, although, when you purchase a Funeral Plan through Funeral Planning Solutions, we keep a digital copy securely on our servers should your family need access when death takes place.

Your family need to contact the Funeral Plan Provider on what they all generally term as their ‘Bereavement Line’.  This is a 24-hour contact number, which, when they receive a call, the operative is trained to deal with the family and ascertains the location of the deceased and the Funeral Plan number.  If this isn’t available, it should not cause an issue and they will be able to locate the plan through the name and address details, although, they will need some confirmation of whom they are speaking to and may need to contact you back on the telephone numbers provided in the next of kin information held with the company.

They then arrange for the deceased to be relocated to a local funeral director (or to the specified funeral director) and for the funeral to take place as usual.

Your family will still have some decisions and choices like the day and time of the service itself and the Minister or Celebrant will still visit the family to discuss the deceased in order to prepare a eulogy.  The funeral director will still visit the family to go through the details specified in the plan and arrange the day itself and any other aspects such as visiting the chapel of rest etc.

There is no difference to the funeral itself except that certain decisions have already been made and they will not be asked for any monies in order to meet any of the funeral costs.

They simply have one telephone number to call and the process begins.  This takes a great deal of stress out of this already difficult time for loved ones and ensures that they aren’t affected by the ever-increasing cost of funerals.

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