5 Facts about
Pre-Planning A Funeral

1. Protects your family

Be assured your family will not have to carry the stress of planning a funeral at an already difficult time.

Ensure your loved ones are confident that they are honoring your wishes.

By easing the financial burden and locking into a lower price you relieve the stress on others.


2. Personalises your funeral service

Choose your music, your readings or pallbearers. Most reasonable requests can be catered for.

Include any unique details such as clothing you want every one to wear or where you want donations to go.

You can write your own obituary or final goodbye speech or video.


3. Includes as much or as little as you want

You don’t have to commit to making every decision.

Plan the whole funeral or just specific parts.

You can state who you would like to make specific decisions.


4. Helps families connect

Families often avoid discussions about funerals

Pre-planning encourages families to have important conversations

Knowing loved ones wishes help families feel connected


5. Help is always available

Pre-planning a funeral can be a lengthy process.

A funeral planning solutions provider can guide and help with the process, so you can make the right decisions.

Find out what you need to decide and how to prepare your plan.