SafeHands 2015 TV Campaigns

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The SafeHands TV Campaign

SafeHands Funeral Plans have recently embarked on a nationwide TV campaign in an effort to raise brand awareness amongst consumers. As their traditional route to market has been via Will Writers and IFA’s as well as through the National Federation of Funeral Directors, they have not had much press outside industry-specific materials.

As a reseller of SafeHands, we were overjoyed that they had decided to promote the brand directly to consumers rather than keep to their previous marketing strategies. This will help to alleviate our client’s worries about not knowing who they are. They have heard of the COOP and Golden Charter but not SafeHands and that sometimes concerns or customers. Obviously, once they have done their due diligence, they find them to be an outstanding company but nevertheless, SafeHands raising their profile directly to the consumer will only benefit us as a company and make our clients feel more comfortable from the outset when dealing with them.

The SafeHands BrandSafeHands Plans logo

This campaign is set to make the brand responsible for the lowest cost funeral plan available a household name over the course of the next year. In order to maintain their exceptional standards in client care and customer service, they will be rolling out the campaign throughout the UK over the next 12 months in selected regions.

The SafeHands brand has become more prominent to the consumer over the past two years with discussions on national and local radio as well as their TV presentations on Ideal World Television. They have received a great deal of exposure through social media and the National Federation of Funeral Directors endorsement of their plans has given them an ever-growing presence with individual funeral directors throughout the UK.

Here is the first scheduled advert which is to be aired in the Midlands and the North over the next few weeks.

The Future for SafeHands Funeral Plans

All this combined marketing and drive in brand awareness is set to make 2015 an exceptional year for SafeHands growing their market share dramatically. We hope they continue to offer our clients the level of service they have offered to date and we wish them all the best as they grow their market share through quality, low-cost products, and services.

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