The benefits of choosing a low cost funeral plan

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Funeral Planning Solutions sell pre-paid, low-cost funeral plans which have many benefits. Fix the cost of a funeral at today’s prices.

The benefits of choosing a Low-Cost Funeral Plan are very simple, you are able to plan your funeral as you would wish it as well as easing the financial burden and emotional stress on family and friends. Although the thought of choosing a low-cost funeral might be quite daunting, many of our clients like the fact that they are able to fix the price of the funeral that they choose, with no other price rises, no matter how many years ahead that funeral might take place.

Funeral Planning Solutions – the benefits are plain to see:

  • All our low cost funeral plans offer excellent value for money
  • Freeze the price of your funeral today and suffer no increase in costs
  • Protect your family from financial worry
  • Choose the best funeral plan to suit you
  • We have a range of 5 cost effective funeral plans to choose from

Paying for your funeral plan could not be easier, you can enjoy our 12 or 24 month interest free payment plan or alternatively opt for a once only payment.

Choose a low cost Safe Hands funeral plan

The peace of mind our clients get when they have finalised their funeral arrangements is remarkable and those responsible for paying for and arranging a funeral when someone close to them dies, often feel an enormous sense of relief when they discover their loved one had the foresight to take out a low-cost funeral plan. So why not take a look at the Safe Hands range of fixed price funeral plans, talk to Funeral Planning Solutions, and fix the cost of your funeral at today’s prices.

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