We offer legal support and services before, during, and after your funeral services if needed. We are able to answer any concerns you may have. After the funeral, the Will and distribution of the estate have to be arranged. We have the facility to help you with these tasks.


A Will is an important legal document stating what you would like to happen after your death. This usually includes what will you would like to happen to your estate when you die. If you state your wishes in writing, this is legally binding, though it is recommended that once you have written a Will, you inform your solicitor. You can place the Will in their possession for safekeeping. You should also tell someone you trust Will’s existence so that they know what to do at the time of your death.

If the Will mentions any specific requests in regard to your funeral service, these will be accessed before the finalising of any funeral arrangements.

Will Writing

If you are interested in after-death planning we provide Will Writing services. We can do this simply and even over the phone. Alternatively, we can arrange for one of our representatives to visit you at a time convenient to you. We also offer to change your Will free of charge when you purchase a funeral plan.

The Estate

After the funeral, if a Will existed there is usually a reading of the Will which is done in the presence of your legal representative as well as any person named in the. We can assist with this process as it can be a lengthy and complex process at an already difficult time.